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UCL's 'Sophia' magazine publishes second issue

5 March 2009


Flame Electrolyte sophiamagazine.co.uk/" target="_self">'Sophia', Issue 2
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  • 'Sophia' has just published its second issue, featuring articles on subjects as diverse as deep-space chemistry, fibromyalgia in 'The Princess and the Pea' and the measurement of global happiness, as well as images produced in the course of research. The new issue also includes an article by Professor Donald Gillies (UCL Science & Technology Studies) on how peer-review based assessment exercises such as the RAE "risk ending the careers of truly talented researchers yet to be recognised by the academic community at large". 'Sophia' is a UCL magazine of academic journalism established in 2008, whose mission is to showcase talent in research, writing and art from current staff and graduate students.

    The magazine can be accessed at www.sophiamagazine.co.uk (or use the link at the top of this page), and print copies are available in common rooms in various locations around UCL, including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, English, French, German, Hebrew Studies, Maths, Medicine, Psychology, Scandinavian Studies, and Science & Technology Studies.

    Its aim is to give readers an insight into the breadth of research taking place at UCL by publishing academic content written for a non-specialist audience, and to encourage discussion of both academic and current affairs. According to its editor, Ed Long (UCL CoMPLEX), "we are increasingly convinced that the success of research and the flow of ideas relies almost as much on the informal storytelling as the rigorous arguments spelled out in journals and conference papers".

    In his Editorial for Issue 2, Long says that "we're delighted to be publishing Issue 2 of Sophia, and grateful for another fantastic range of contributions […]. Aside from its UCL distribution, Sophia has been selected for a reading programme run by the Italian Ministry of Education - Project Poseidon. We are also hugely grateful for funding which came from the UCL Friends' Trust in order to print this issue."

    The cover image for Issue 2 (reproduced here) shows the effect of flames being used as electrolytes; it was produced by Matthew Li (UCL Chemistry), who is conducting PhD research into gas-phase electrochemistry.

    Anyone interested in contributing to the next issue should contact the Editor, or the relevant Section Editors for Maths, Physical and Computer Sciences; Life and Medical Sciences; Arts & Humanities; and Social & Historical Sciences.


    UCL Context

    'Sophia' is one of many regular publications produced by students and staff at UCL, many of which can be freely accessed online. A few examples are:

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    To find out more about UCL journals available online and in print, please see the 'Panopticon (UCL Publications)' page on the 'Opticon1826' website.