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6 March 2009


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UCL student activism is making national headlines. This week, two members from the UCL Student Human Rights Programme (SHRP) discuss democracy, catalysing government change and their participation last weekend in the Convention on Modern Liberty.

Jonathan Butterworth (on the left), president UCL SHRP
"We are trying to foster a culture of human rights, and at the Convention on Modern Liberty, the best example of that was Phillip Pullman, author of 'The Northern Lights'. When I was listening to his speech, it was fantastic that he had interwoven human rights with literature and fantasy to create an approachable take on the subject. That was a real key indicator to me that crossing disciplines was the way forward. We cannot just take one route towards establishing a human rights culture. We must canvass all areas."

Richard Walker, vice-president of UCL SHRP
"The coverage on the Student Human Rights Programme in 'the Guardian' brought home the reality of what the programme had achieved. It is good to see that we are getting somewhere and that people in government are starting to recognise our work. These events demonstrate to others who, just like us, are studying and working, that everyone can get involved and a make a change to their lives, to their society and what the government does."

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