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Listen now: the benefits of an Academic Health Science Centre

20 March 2009


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Ed Byrne, UCL Vice-Provost (Health) explains the benefits to UCL and its local community of being involved in one of the first Academic Health Science Centres: UCL Partners.

Professor Byrne said: "New discoveries  - both at a basic level and improvements in clinical healthcare pathways that are being developed now - are revolutionising health care.

"It's a time of great ambition, and great ambition involves a very close collaboration between the university and the health care sector - more so than ever before.

"The core of an Academic Health Science Centre is the belief, supported by a lot of evidence, that the triple mission - clinical care, research and innovation and education - reinforce and improve each other.

"It does this by enabling new and novel treatments to be brought into clinical use earlier, which may benefit people around the world. It also leads to a culture of excellence and evidence-based clinical pathways which in the end improves care for patients.

"Becoming an Academic Health Science Centre will build on our collaboration experience and take it much further, and right across the UCL family. It will enable us to develop and expand world-class programmes in key areas of health need that make the most of the  resources and opportunities offered by the UCL family.

"We will have a massive capacity to lead innovations in health care, both for the people around us in north and central London, and for the UK more generally, that will be applicable throughout the world."

The programme is approximately ten minutes long. You can listen now by clicking on the mp3 link above, or download it to listen later by right-clicking on the mp3 link (or pressing ctrl + clicking). To access the news roundup, lectures, films and discussions from UCL on iTunes U, and to subscribe to alerts to this content, install iTunes software by following the above link 'UCL on iTunes U'.


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