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HEFCE recurrent grants for 2009/2010

5 March 2009


hefce.ac.uk/" target="_self">Higher Education Funding Council for England

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has today announced its recurrent grants to universities and colleges for 2009/10, and UCL's grant shows a 1.2% increase on its 2008/9 allocation, to £176.6 million.

UCL has received the third highest allocation of research funding in England and the 11th highest allocation of total teaching funds, and has received the fifth highest total grant overall.

The grant is made up of £69.9m for teaching (up 1.57% on 2008/9 and compared with an overall sector increase of 2.02%), and the grant for research amounts to £104.5m, up 0.35% on 2008/9 compared with a sector increase of 7.79%.  In addition, UCL was awarded £1.8m from the Higher Education Innovation Fund,  designed to support and develop a broad range of collaborations between higher education and businesses or public sector, charity or community groups, which result in economic and social benefit to the UK.

Full details of the recurrent grants and tables showing allocations to individual institutions are given in 'Recurrent grants for 2009-10' (HEFCE 2009/08), which will be available on the HEFCE website under 'Publications' from 5 March.