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UCL 'town meeting' on developmental cognitive neuroscience

16 June 2009

A UCL 'town meeting' on developmental cognitive neuroscience was held on 9 June 2009.

Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing

More than 100 attendees met to consider bringing together all those working in the area of developmental cognitive neuroscience in a virtual centre to address one aspect of UCL's Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing.

The event was chaired by Professor Malcolm Grant, UCL President and Provost, and attracted staff not just from UCL Biomedical Sciences and UCL Life Sciences, but also from UCL Engineering Sciences, UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences and the UCL Bartlett School, as well as from the clinical communities of UCLH, Moorfields Eye Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Professor Grant commented: "There was a great deal of enthusiasm in the audience for this initiative, with many participants welcoming the potential for increased collaboration and cooperation between clinicians and experimental scientists from diverse disciplines. A consensus emerged that the centre should encompass developmental neuroscience as a whole and provide the opportunity to study development across species and across the lifespan in health and in disease or injury."

Staff who were unable to attend, or who wish to register their interest, should contact Serife Dervish.