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Opticon1826: editorial vacancy

26 January 2009

ucl.ac.uk/opticon1826/currentissue" target="_self">'Opticon1826', UCL's academic review, is seeking an MSc, MPhil or PhD student from any UCL faculty to fulfil the role of Web Site Editor & Graphic Designer on the review's editorial board.

The role involves maintaining, updating and improving the current 'Opticon1826' website. The Web Site Editor will work with other members of the editorial board to develop various aspects of the website and to assist with design-related issues. The candidate will preferably have some experience with website management and design. Please note that the position will not only offer valuable editorial opportunities for those who are interested in design or web editing, but will also provide points for the research log!

To apply for the position, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at opticon1826@ucl.ac.uk.