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UCL Partners reaches shortlist to become Academic Health Science Centre

11 February 2009


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UCL Partners, Europe's largest academic health science partnership, has reached the Department of Health's shortlist of organisations seeking official status as an 'academic health science centre'.

UCL Partners, which was created last year, comprises UCL; Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust; Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust; and UCL Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Together, UCL Partners will support over 3,500 scientists, senior researchers and consultants, with a combined annual turnover of around two billion. By pooling resources and expertise, UCL Partners will be able to produce more world-class research in key areas, including cancer and heart disease, and deliver the benefits more rapidly to patients in London, and around the world.

A final decision as to which organisations will be granted official 'academic health science centre' status will be made in early March.

Sir Cyril Chantler, Chairman of UCL Partners, said: "Making it on to the shortlist is a boost for our efforts to create Europe's leading health research powerhouse. UCL Partners has the potential to transform healthcare for Londoners, to enhance training for medical students and to undertake groundbreaking research that will benefit patients here and around the world."