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New alliance sees GlaxoSmithKline and UCL share compound research

27 February 2009


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  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and University College London's Institute of Ophthalmology (UCL IoO) have entered into a three-year strategic collaboration to investigate new compounds to treat potentially sight-threatening disorders.

    The alliance will apply the expertise and research facilities at the institute to investigate the potential of compounds provided by GSK's ophthalmic drug development unit Ophthiris.

    The collaboration will provide the institute with dedicated staff and funding as well as a range of pharmaceutical compounds, biopharmaceuticals and reagents with which to probe ophthalmic disease mechanisms, while GSK will gain access to the world class ophthalmic experience, facilities and investigators. In addition, the arrangement provides for undisclosed royalty payments to UCL Business should the research be successful in identifying a future medicine.

    Professor Philip Luthert, Director of UCL IoO, said "This exciting and innovatory partnership aligns perfectly with our goal to harness academic excellence for the benefit of patients. The compounds provided by GSK will allow institute researchers to further their investigations into the underlying mechanisms of eye disease and to validate novel therapies in ophthalmology."

    Professor David Shima, previously Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Eyetech Pharmaceuticals Inc, will now lead the research collaboration at the Institute, working with GSK and UCL IoO investigators with diverse expertise to explore fundamental questions in basic vision research and exploit the multidisciplinary environment to turn new innovations into medical treatments.

    Professor Mike Spyer, Vice-Provost (Enterprise) with a mission to further develop the university's knowledge transfer strategy said "The UCL Institute of Ophthalmology is conducting research of the highest calibre, and I am delighted that GSK will be working with UCL. Our research interests are closely aligned and I am confident that the results of this project will open up other opportunities for further collaboration."

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