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Spring 2009 edition of Opticon1826

30 April 2009


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The Spring 2009 issue of UCL's academic journal 'Opticon1826' has just been published, featuring contributions from both staff and students. Established in May 2006 with support from the UCL Graduate School, 'Opticon' is run by graduate students representing all UCL faculties, and aims to publish high quality work addressing a variety of issues.

The spring edition, according to editor-in-chief Christine Lai (UCL PhD English Literature), is about ways of seeing, redefining visuality through both images and words. Articles cover subjects as wide-ranging as an architectural revisioning of London's landmarks, writing about the 'unthinkable' nuclear holocaust and exploring barriers to achieving social equality.

The research notes include submissions about the Bloomsbury Project, led by Professor Rosemary Ashton (UCL English), and reflections on translational research in biomedicine.

The winning entries of the UCL Graduate School Review Competition are also published, alongside a piece of artwork by Martin John Callanan, artist-in-residence at the UCL Environment Institute.

To read the current issue and for more information on the journal, follow the link at the top of the page.