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Cancellation of Zionist Federation performance at UCL Bloomsbury

21 April 2009

UCL has made the decision to cancel the Zionist Federation event that had been scheduled to appear at the Bloomsbury Theatre on Tuesday 28 April.

Before the booking was confirmed, the Zionist Federation stated that the event would be of a cultural nature, without any political agenda. UCL signed the contract on that basis.

When the Bloomsbury Theatre subsequently received publicity material for the proposed event, it included pictures of performers in military uniform. This was deemed to be outside the scope of what had been agreed and on that basis the event was cancelled.

This decision was entirely based on the fact that what had been contracted was different to what was advertised. No political judgment has been made.

A performance by the Idan Raichel Project, also booked by the Zionist Federation for Wednesday 29 April, will be going ahead as planned.