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Listen: Radio 4 discussion on grid networks in neurosurgery with UCL and UCH

30 September 2008

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  • Radio 4, 'Click On'
  • The future of supercomputing grids in the field of neurosurgery was one of the topics of discussion on this week's Radio 4 'Click On' technology programme: helping explain it were Professor Peter Coveney from UCL and Dr Stefan Brew from UCL partner hospital UCH.

    They were part of a wider discussion on the theme of 'big computing' - and you can hear the programme yourself, and find out more about the topics discussed by clicking on the links above. If you don't want to listen all the way through you can find the relevant piece at 18' 57".

    Please note: this programme will expire on Monday October 6th.

    Picture shows: Representation of 3-D inter-cranial MRI scan