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'Stars: A journey through stellar birth, life and death'

1 October 2008


Stars by Raman Prinja star.ucl.ac.uk/~rkp/" target="_self">Professor Prinja
  • UCL Physics & Astronomy
  • Containing more than 100 beautifully reproduced images, this large-format book presents a vivid account of the fascinating evolution of stars, including our own Sun.

    The informative and easily accessible text is combined with stunning imagery from NASA and ESA missions to capture the essence of star birth, the extreme activity of stars and their violent demise, from molecular clouds to black holes.

    The book begins with an engaging description of stunning nurseries in space that give rise to new stars. The latest scientific discoveries are explained in an easy-to-understand style that is suitable for novices, enthusiasts and experienced observers.

    Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer infrared images reveal exquisite details of not only the star-formation process in our Milky Way galaxy but also in the extreme environments in other distant galaxies.

    Professor Raman Prinja (UCL Physics & Astronomy) expertly reveals the remarkable phases that mark the evolution of stars, including detailed observations of dynamic explosions on the Sun.

    The final chapters of 'Stars' provide unparalleled insights into the death of stars, covering colourful planetary nebulae and the incredible power of supernovae and hypernovae explosions. 'Stars' is a thought-provoking and highly readable study of the stellar universe and our place in it.

    Professor Prinja is an expert in stellar evolution and dynamics, particularly massive stars and their outflows. He has previously published 'Wonders of the Planets' and 'Visions of the Universe'.

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    Image: 'Stars' by Professor Raman Prinja