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October 2008 pay increase

15 October 2008


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Publication of the September 2008 Retail Price Index has confirmed that the final cost of living increase due under the nationally negotiated 2006-09 pay agreement will be a 5% increase effective from 1st October 2008. This is in addition to a 3% increase in May 2008.

The October 2008 increase means that all non-clinical staff will have received an 8% pay increase over the full year, with 60% (those who have benefited from incremental progression through a pay scale) receiving an 11% increase.

Through the three years of the agreement, all staff will have benefited from a minimum 15% increase in their salary with a maximum increase of over 25% for those progressing incrementally through a salary scale each year. 

UCL will honour the national agreement and will not seek to defer payment by up to 11 months, as is allowed for in the national agreement. The cost of the agreement is however significant, particularly when taken together with further cost pressures relating to increasing energy costs and recently announced increases in pension costs in 2009.

The Provost, in his Newsletter of 6th October 2008 said: "The coming year is obviously going to be very tough."

The 5% uplift will be paid in November salaries with backdated effect to 1st October.

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