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New Darwin exhibition by UCL Library Services

13 October 2008


Charles Darwin ucl.ac.uk/library/" target="_self">UCL Library Services
  • UCL Special Collections
  • UCL Library Services is displaying an exhibition of items from its Special Collections in honour of Charles Darwin, who lived in a house on the site now occupied by UCL's Darwin Building from 1839-1842, just over two years after his return from H.M.S. Beagle's second voyage.

    The materials selected for this exhibition illustrate Darwin's life, work and the influence of his ideas about inheritance and evolution on his contemporaries and successors, including eminent UCL people. 

    UCL's long association with the development of genetics stems from this period, and several exhibits come from the personal libraries and papers, held by Library Services, of Sir Francis Galton, Darwin's cousin, and Karl Pearson, first Galton Professor of Eugenics.

    The exhibition will be on display in the Main Library until 31 January 2009. It's free to enter and it'll be opened by Professor Steve Jones, Head of the UCL Research Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment on 27 October 2008.

    A digital version of the exhibition will be permanently available through the Library's Exhibitions Online Web site.

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    Picture shows Charles Darwin, circa 1860.