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UCL Enterprise Awards

1 May 2008


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Tonight at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, the first ever UCL Enterprise Awards will mark the achievements of entrepreneurs and innovators from across the university.

A series of prizes will be given to students and staff who are active in the development of businesses based on research carried out at UCL.

Tim Barnes, Executive Director of UCL Advances, said: "Three distinct areas of activity are recognised through the awards: firstly, some of the most successful commercial activity undertaken, including the development of Intellectual Property assets and the spin out of profitable and successful companies; second, activity that is less obviously commercial, but where the work has had significant benefits for UCL's research and training; and third, activity that is still at the ideas stage, but that we believe has a significant prospect of successful application in the future."

He added: "The awards recognise the successes of our academics and students, and will hopefully encourage others to get involved in the future. There is also an important message to the business world, that UCL is a leading hub of innovation and commercial activity, which can provide real competitive advantage."

The awards ceremony begins at 6.30pm at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre. To find out more, follow the link at the top of this item.