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UCL in the News: Review of Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions

31 March 2008

Callina, www.


Recently I have been to several galleries and exhibitions and here are my thoughts: …

Lastly I must mention UCL for its amazing (and FREE) Museums. I discovered each of these through attending free lunch time lectures with my cousin who attends the university.

Grant Museum

This is a tiny museum hidden away on the 2/3 floor of one of the buildings that is a virtual treasure trove of zoological specimens. Z and I did a drawing class (FREE!) here where the hardest task for me was simply selecting a skeleton to draw. I ended up drawing some bats and an elephant skull but was left wanting more! Such a fascinating place and much more personal than the Natural History Museum.

Petrie Museum

This is another junk shop of a museum crammed to bursting with Egyptian artefacts. I always like looking at the jewellery and this museum had an amazing array to look at. Also they have some actual cloth that is very well preserved and some actual mummies I really felt the presence of Indiana Jones walking round the glass cabinets crammed with goodies.

Last and least by appearance is the Strang Print Room. This room houses a tiny selection of the massive collection of prints owned by UCL. I went to a drawing class here on anatomy where we were set the task of drawing three images from various prints: Skeleton, muscle and finally skin. I really enjoyed it and the prints on display were much more interesting to me than those that had been on display moments before the class.

Link for ucl museums: www.museums.ucl.ac.uk/