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Exploration of the Solar System Colloquium

18 March 2008


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Registration is open for the 21st UCL Astronomy Colloquium: 'Exploration of the Solar System', which is taking place from 7-10 July 2008 at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park.

Topics for the colloquium include magnetospheric structure and dynamics, planetary aurorae and magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling, interaction between planetary atmospheres and plasma flows, and planetary missions: where have we been and where do we wish to go?

Event co-convenor Dr Nick Achilieos (UCL Physics & Astronomy) said: "We welcome presentations in all of these areas, particularly in the context of comparative planetology, including comparison with extrasolar planetary environments, and exospheres in the solar system."

It has already been an exciting 2008 for UCL researchers involved in planetary science, with a number of papers appearing in major journals including 'Nature' and 'Science'.

Deadline for registration is 24 March 2008. The 2008 colloquium is the 21st in a series organised by UCL at Cumberland Lodge since 1980.

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Image: Cumberland Lodge