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Opticon 1826 submissions invited

9 June 2008


ucl.ac.uk/opticon1826/contributors/reviewprocess" target="_self">Opticon review and publication process
  • Main 'Opticon1826' page
  • The editors of UCL's academic review, 'Opticon1826', are now inviting
    submissions for publication in the 2008 Autumn Issue, out on 31 October

    Contributions are welcome from all faculties, on any subject and in a variety of formats, including articles, reviews, creative work, as well as responses to previously published material (such as the special feature on 'Women in Academia' published in Issue 4). All members of UCL, be they undergraduates, postgraduates or staff, can contribute.

    The deadline is the end of the day on Friday, 5 September 2008.

    The journal's online 'Contributors' section also includes information on the general submission guidelines, style guide, review process, and copyright policy. For any faculty-specific questions, please contact your Faculty Editor. Please note that any submissions that are not formatted according to the Opticon1826 Style Guide will be returned to the author for amendment before being put through our review and publication process.

    For general questions or comments, please contact either your Faculty
    , or the Editor-in-Chief, Christine Lai.

    To find out more about 'Opticon1826', its style guidelines and review process, use the links at the top of the article.