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CJ Lim featured in Royal Academy of the Arts Summer Exhibition

9 June 2008


The Baker's Garden ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/people/?upi=CJLIM41" target="_self">Professor CJ Lim
  • Royal Academy of the Arts Summer Exhibition
  • Professor CJ Lim, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, has two pieces on show in this year's royal Academy of the Arts Summer Exhibition, which opens today.

    Models of two building designs by Professor Lim will be on display to visitors. The first, 'The Baker's Garden: Smell, Heat + Light' was produced especially for the exhibition. The design is for a building in Soho, intended to be deciphered in the darkness through its temperature, smell and taste. The landscape of the baker's garden exists only for a short span between the early hours of 3am and 5am. The garden quietly hibernates among the busy lights of Soho, coming to life only at night with its smell, heat and light penetrating the fabric of the neighbourhood before dawn.

    Professor Lim describes the building as: "Like an urban lighthouse … felt by those navigating through the warmth and smell the bakery has to offer."

    The second piece was a submission in an international competition to build an iconic structure on Liverpool's riverfront, in which Professor Lim's team's submission was among five finalists from over 100 entries. He describes the Mersey Observatory, as: "A sculptural structure rather than a building, something which people will want to come and see from all over the world."

    The design comprises a V-shaped rib cantilevering an observation deck 33m above the Mersey, and a visitors' pavilion on the ground. The surface of the deck circum-locates the various sights of interest via a constellation of embedded glass lenses with radiating etched names; 'Liverpool' is the first name upon arrival on the deck. The glass lenses also heighten the experience by revealing the Mersey waters below. The structure engages with the existing landscape and can be seen from land, sea and sky from miles around.

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    Image 1: The Baker's Garden
    Image 2: The Mersey Observatory