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UCL researcher scoops L'Oreal For Women in Science Fellowship

23 July 2008


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  • UCL Physics & Astronomy lecturer, Dr Sarah Bridle, has been recognised for her outstanding contributions with a For Women in Science Fellowship from L'Oreal.

    Dr Bridle works in the Galaxies and Cosmology research group, where her focus is on dark energy and dark matter - the mysterious, invisible stuff that together account for some 92 per cent of the universe.

    Boldly going into a career in astrophysics isn't quite the giant leap it once was for a woman, but female participation in this field is still rare, which is why L'Oreal is rewarding and encouraging distinction with their cosmetics millions.

    L'Oreal award the Fellowships jointly with UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. During their 10-year partnership, they've recognised the efforts of over 700 women in 70 countries and helped fund their research with their For Women in Science scheme.

    For more information on UCL Physics and Astronomy, L'Oreal's For Women in Science, the Galaxies and Cosmology Group, to visit Dr Bridle's webpage and to listen to the Guardian's podcasted interview with Dr Bridle, click on the links above.