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Futures Grants for UCL's historic photos and magazines

3 July 2008


Gillian Furlong (UCL Library Services) ucl.ac.uk/library/" target="_self">UCL Library Services

The future of UCL's printed past has now been secured, thanks to the donation of grants worth almost £19,000 from UCL Futures.

UCL Library Services have been given the money to preserve and re-house almost 5000 historical photographs, dating back to the 1850s, and archived copies of the student magazines, some of which go back two decades further.

Gillian Furlong (UCL Library Services) said: "These collections are in dire need of some sort of treatment if they're to be preserved.

"Most of the photographs are far too fragile to be used and the low-grade paper of the magazines simply crumbles without Melinex plastic sleeves and archive boxes to protect them."

Once the preservation work is finished, UCL Library Services plan to make the collections more accessible, first digitising them and eventually releasing them onto the internet.

Despite the huge undertaking, the department hopes to finish the work before the new academic year but, says Ms Furlong, it'll be worth it.

"These collections document the university and student life over almost 180 years - they're not just important for UCL's history, but for London's history."

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