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European Masterclass in Renal Physiology & Pathophysiology held

16 July 2008


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  • Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe
  • The European Masterclass of Renal Physiology & Pathophysiology for the Clinician, organised by the UCL Centre for Nephrology, was held at the Royal College of Physicians in London from 19-21 June 2008.

    The meeting brought together the next generation of academic physicians in internal medicine and nephrology from across Europe, and highlighted the significance of renal physiology in medicine and its application at the bedside.

    Renal physiology is an essential part of the education of a clinical nephrologist, in particular those who ultimately will impart their knowledge to junior doctors in training. The masterclass involved an international faculty panel of high scientific and didactic expertise and was supported by an educational grant from Amgen.

    Robert Unwin, Professor of Nephrology & Physiology at UCL, said: "Renal physiology is at the heart of clinical nephrology and UCL has always been closely associated with this field of study, particularly in a clinical setting, with its former Professors of Medicine such as Charles Dent and Oliver Wrong. With this tradition in mind, we may hope that the masterclass will become a recurrent event, organised by Professor Philippe Jaeger (UCL Medicine), who is Chair of the Executive Committee of the Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe, Professor Giovambattista Capasso (University of Naples, Italy) and myself."

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    Image: Professor Unwin