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UCL in the News: Short-term course in mental health

21 January 2008

'The Hindu' The Chennai-based Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM), in association with UCL, will offer a short-term course in 'Mental health at the margins' between February 11 and 14.

The course is aimed at enabling trainee participants to understand and better appreciate issues pertaining to debt, poverty, violence, stigma, power relations and how these can be translated on the ground, where actions to overcome these problems can impact most usefully and significantly. The focus would be on local problems and local solutions.

The course is targeted at mental health professionals (social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, nurses) from NGOs and government health institutions, working with marginal and displaced populations in south Asia. It will also benefit professionals from backgrounds such as rights activists, law enforcement officials, judiciary and donor organisations.

The course aims to address the stated objectives through a variety of techniques over a three and half-day period. It will include an overview of the field, challenges and differing solutions. …