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Climate Change and its Impact on Global Health

28 January 2008

Dr Hugh Montgomery, Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health & Performance, has organised a conference, taking place on Tuesday 29 January at the Royal College of Physicians, to warn the medical profession about the health costs of ignoring climate change.

Dr Montgomery will deliver the plenary session. Among the other speakers, Professor Mark Maslin, Director of the UCL Environment Institute, will provide a historical perspective on climate and weather, and Adrian Lister, Professor of Palaeontology within UCL Biosciences, will explain the biotic effects of climate change through the ages.

Dr Montgomery said: "As ambassadors for improving healthcare, we have roles in the NHS, in healthcare and in wider society to become champions of change to protect the planet from climate change. For those of us working as doctors, its imminent and severe threat dwarfs any survival gains due to our daily healthcare activity. Such threats are not just of altered disease patterns for those in distant lands, but are to us and our children: economic collapse, migration and war know no boundaries."