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UCL Graduate School Review Competition winners

19 February 2008


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  • Opticon 1826
  • Mr Eli Park Sorensen (UCL French) has won first prize of the 2007/2008 UCL Graduate School Review Competition with his entry 'The Austerian Master Code'.

    Miss Erin Sullivan (Welcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL) took second prize for 'The Notebooks of Nehemiah Wallington, 1618-1654: A Selection', and Ms Pei-Suin Ng (UCL Italian) was awarded third prize for 'The Question of Value: A Review of Michael Clayton'.

    The reviews can evaluate books, works of art, literary works, exhibitions, films, TV programmes or cultural events. Alternatively, the review may take the form of a literature review designed for a non-specialised audience which outlines the current state of play in a clearly defined intellectual field of inquiry, and must be 'worthy of publication in a major academic journal or a magazine or a review or a newspaper'.

    All submissions were assessed by a panel composed of UCL academics and postgraduate students. Each review was judged on its intellectual merits rather than on whether or not it has been published.

    All three prize entries will be published in the UCL journal, 'Opticon 1826' on 30 April 2008.

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