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Jevons Institute for Competition Law and Economics at UCL: Antitrust and Regulation Forum 2008

8 December 2008


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  • The financial crisis is having a deep impact on the regulatory landscape worldwide and is calling into question a number of established principles of economic governance in general as well as the role of the State in the economy. Against this backdrop, the Jevons Institute for Competition Law and Economics has decided to dedicate its annual forum on 9 December to the consequences of the financial crisis on the role of competition law and State aid rules.

    The forum has been convened by the Institute's Executive Directors, Professor Antonio Bavasso (UCL Laws and Allen & Overy) and Professor David Evans (UCL Laws and LECG), who have assembled leading academics and heads of competition to debate this topic. The event is going to be chaired by Dr Fingleton, the CEO of the Office of Fair Trading, and the confirmed speakers include Philip Lowe, Director General of the European Commission's DG Competition, Professor Sir John Vickers of Oxford University (former Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading and previously at the Bank of England), Bruno Lassere (President of the French Conseil de la Concurrence) and Professor Abel Mateus (formerly the head of the Portuguese Competition Authority and deputy head of the Bank of Portugal). Together, they will discuss the policy implications of the current crisis, the role of the European Commission as the guardian of competition State aid rules at EU-level, and the role of national competition authorities.

    About the UCL Jevons Institute
    The Jevons Institute, set up in 2006, aims through external events, research projects, teaching and publications to stimulate research and debate concerning the application of competition law and industry regulation to the marketplace, and promote interaction among academic scholars in law and economics, policymakers and enforcement officials, the judiciary, practitioners and business leaders. Its approach to legal doctrine and research in this area of law and policy is based on two pillars: a strong interaction between legal principles and analysis and applied economic theory and empirics; and the use of comparative teaching and research methodologies involving competition policy in developed and developing market economies.

    The institute, which is supported by the leading firms within the London competition law community, coordinates UCL's teaching offerings and research activities, which comprise a wide range of courses in antitrust law, regulation and economics, and is committed to training the next generation of leading practitioners, academics, and antitrust and regulation enforcers and others involved in competition law and policy. It has an annual Finalists Award Competition for its graduate students, with the winners attending three-month internships at Linklaters LLP and the Office of Fair Trading.