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UCL in the News: Ten of the best ... ways to spend your lunch break

21 April 2008

Graham Snowdon and Hilary Osborne, guardian.

Lunch Hour Lectures co.uk

Resolving to reclaim your lunch break is all well and good, but what are you going to do with the time? …

1. Take in a lecture

Every spring and autumn, UCL runs Lunch Hour Lectures, a series of free talks open to the public covering an eclectic range of topics from art and science to, well, pretty much anything. Recent subjects include: Hepatitis B: A Neat Little Virus; The Pleasures of Driving; and Toad Meets T.Rex: The Evolution and Diversification of Frogs.

You don't have to work in London to attend - you can watch live via webcast from the comfort of your computer screen. The lecture season runs from October to March, and you can catch up with the class now by downloading audio and/or video files of previous lectures. …