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UCL Environment expert publishes 'Independent' supplement

22 April 2008


Professor Mark Maslin geog.ucl.ac.uk/about-the-department/people/academics/mark-maslin" target="_self">Professor Mark Maslin
  • UCL Environment Institute
  • The Independent
  • Professor Mark Maslin, Director of the UCL Environment Institute, is the author of a supplement about global warming in today's 'Independent'.

    The booklet, given away with the newspaper as part of its 'Science made simple' series, is an abridged version of his book 'Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction', which was published by Oxford University Press in 2004. The booklet first outlines the science of global warming and how it is linked to climate change, and then goes on to look at how global warming might best be tackled.

    Professor Maslin writes: "Ultimately, global warming is an issue of morals and global economics". He argues that society needs to take a longer-term view of the issue of climate change than is currently the case, and that we must act now to be prepared for the changes that will be caused by global warming over the coming decades.

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