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New UCL Neuroscience website

15 April 2008


Neuroscience ucl.ac.uk/neuroscience/" target="_self">UCL Neuroscience
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  • A new website encompasses the breadth and depth of UCL's extensive portfolio of neuroscience and mental health research, bringing together the expertise of more than 400 principal investigators.

    The site covers the full range of UCL Neuroscience activities in molecular, developmental, cellular, systems, cognitive, computational and clinical neuroscience.

    The search function allows users to identify researchers by name, keywords, disease area, theme, methodology or department - or any combination of these - and provides maps of their location.

    There is a live seminars and events feed, a rolling news service, a list of facilities available, information for prospective students and employees, links to supporters and partners, and a 135-year history of UCL Neuroscience's remarkable achievement.

    Within and beyond the UCL School of Life & Medical Sciences, there are many interdepartmental and cross-faculty research groups and centres, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of UCL Neuroscience research.

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    UCL is Europe's research powerhouse in neuroscience. Recently released Thomson ISI Essential Science Indicators rank UCL second in the world, and first in Europe, in neuroscience and behaviour, with more than twice as many publications and citations as any other European institution.

    UCL Neuroscience researchers generate more than 30% of the country's contribution to the most highly cited publications in neuroscience, more than twice as much as any other university. In neuroimaging and clinical neurology, UCL produces 65% and 44% of the UK's contribution to the world's most highly cited papers, five-fold larger than that of the next highest UK institution.

    Uniquely in the UK, our basic neuroscience research can be translated into new ways of diagnosing and treating disease through our vibrant partnerships with not one but three large and generously funded Comprehensive and Specialist Biomedical Centres.

    A strategic priority within the university, UCL Neuroscience has attracted more than £300 million in research funding over the last five years.