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Late enrolment notice for new students

26 September 2007


ucl.ac.uk/new-students/enrolment" target="_self">Enrolment information

Today is the final day of enrolment for new students. Enrolment is taking place on the main campus in the cloisters, with time slots allocated per degree programme. However, late enrolment is taking place in the Committee Room in the South Wing.

The UCL Registry has given advice on a number of other things for new students to do in their first week to help with a smooth transition into university life:

  • Undertake computer registration, then log on to PORTICO, UCL's Student Information Service to select your course-units/modules for this session, by 5 October 2007. The system can also be used to check and amend your addresses (You will need to have completed your computer registration and have enrolled before you can access PORTICO)
  • If applicable, register with the Disability Centre. Drop-in sessions have been arranged on 27th and 28th September 2007 
  • Ensure that you attend your Faculty and/or Departmental inductions and meet key academic and administrative staff
  • Register with a local GP - read information on UCL's health services
  • Attend Freshers Fair, organised by UCL Union 
  • Register for discounted travel in London online with Transport for London.

For general information on enrolment, see the link at the top of the article.