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Hubble internship

26 September 2007


gater2 spacetelescope.org/" target="_self">Hubble space telescope
  • Will Gater
  • UCL graduate Will Gater (Astrophysics 2007) has begun a three-month internship at the Hubble Europe Information Centre (HEIC) in Germany. Will's main responsibilities at the Hubble centre will be writing press releases and scripting the Hubblecast - a vodcast about recent Hubble results.

    The internship is a dream come true for Will, who first became interested in astronomy at school. Since then, he has written widely about the subject. While still a student at UCL, he contributed to 'BBC Sky at Night' magazine and 'Astronomy Now'.

    As the current news editor of 'Astronomy Now', Will is fairly up-to-date with astronomical developments, but he's still amazed by what the Hubble is capable of: "One of the coolest things about working here is how the image you see on the news or in astronomy magazines goes from the raw Hubble data to these stunning pictures we've come to know and love. It is quite something to see a fresh image which only the scientists working on and the people in the HEIC office have seen!"

    The Hubble Space Telescope is a collaboration between ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA. Based 600 km above the Earth, Hubble is five times sharper than the best ground-based telescopes and since its launch in 1990 has made over 800,000 observations and photographed more than 25,000 celestial objects.

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