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Leverhulme lectures: cognition, communication and culture

12 November 2007

Link: UCL Events Professor Dan Sperber (UCL Phonetics & Linguistics) will be delivering the first of five Leverhulme lectures on cognition, communication and culture on 13 November 2007.

As Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Dan Sperber's work at UCL is aimed at fostering interdisciplinary collaboration anthropologists, linguists, philosophers and cognitive scientists at the university. His lectures will reflect the breadth of these interests.

The first lecture of the series is entitled 'The Evolution and Modular Organisation of Human Cognition'.

Professor Sperber explains: "Presumably, the ancestors of modern humans lived in environmental conditions where selective pressures favoured a massive investment in cognitive resources. What adaptations are then likely to have evolved? Were they adaptations to the natural environment, to social life, or to an emerging cultural environment? In this lecture, I develop critical and constructive remarks on evolutionary psychology."

The lecture will run from 4.15-6.00pm in room LG04 UCL Psychology, Bedford Way, with drinks after the lecture. All are welcome to attend.

To see details on the full lecture series, see the UCL Events listings, linked from the top of the article.