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UCL in the News: Unfairness 'increases heart risk'

15 May 2007

People who feel they are treated unfairly, including in the home and community, may have a higher risk of developing heart disease, a study says.

UCL researchers studied 8,000 people, says the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

They found those with a profound sense of injustice had a 55% higher chance of suffering serious heart disease. …

However, lead researcher Dr Roberto de Vogli [UCL Epidemiology & Public Health] said more research was needed to confirm the mechanism linking unfairness to health. …

The team looked at a study of 8,000 senior civil servants working for the UK government. …

The civil servants were asked how strongly - on a scale of one to six - they agreed with the statement: "I often have the feeling that I am being treated unfairly."

Their mental and physical health was then tracked for an average of almost 11 years. …

Dr de Vogli said perception of unfairness in all areas was important.

"I understand that this is a long shot, but the key message is that we must try to promote fairness in society."

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