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4 May 2007

David Cameron found himself in very hot water this week with leading scientists following comments he made on Friday hinting that schools could be given more flexibility to teach creationism in science lessons.

The reaction from scientists has been predictably brutal. Professor Steve Jones [UCL Biology] said: "They need to devolve some management to schools. I think most people would agree with that. But you can't devolve the truth. Something is either true or it's not and creationism is not.

"If somebody demanded the right to teach in mathematics lessons that 2 and 2 are 5 on faith grounds they would be laughed out of court ... by having this taught in science lessons they are damaging science it's as simple as that."

The developmental biologist Lewis Wolpert [UCL Anatomy & Developmental Biology] said: "I am shocked that Cameron agrees that creationism can be taught in science lessons. Creationism is not science and is purely religious faith. There is zero evidence for it. We must oppose this. Next the students will be taught that the world was created in six days." …

James Randerson, Guardian Comment