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UCL in the News: Researchers save Everest climber

28 May 2007

A woman found near the Everest summit suffering oxygen deprivation was given life-saving help by doctors researching the subject, it has emerged.

The UK team, co-ordinated by UCL, are operating the world's highest medical laboratory on Everest's South Col.

Team head Dr Mike Grocott said Usha Bista, 22 and from Nepal, was found alone and unconscious by climbers. …

Dr Grocott, a UCL physiology lecturer, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We are here on a medical research expedition to explore how humans adapt to low oxygen levels, in order to benefit patients on intensive care units.

"This wasn't what we intended to get involved in, but something where we were compelled to help with when the situation arose." …

Dr Grocott was leading the Caudwell Xtreme Everest team investigating hypoxia, oxygen deficiency in the blood. …

The doctors are conducting experiments at different heights. Around 200 people have been taking part in scientific tests at the Base Camp laboratory at 5300m (17,388ft).

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