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UCL in the News: Finals countdown: How to avoid meltdown during exam season

17 May 2007

The month of May is exam time in universities.

Although the introduction of modular degrees and continuous assessment means that degree results no longer depend solely on final exams, students still approach the period with trepidation and, in some cases, abject terror. …

But, whether you're a diligent worker or a lazy procrastinator, revision needn't mean meltdown. Michael Worton, Vice-Provost and Professor of French language and literature at UCL, advises students to relax. "Have walks, go out with friends," he says. "Engage in conversations, in real time or online; the revision period should not be a time of isolation, it should be about creating a learning community." …

And, says Worton, having a broad base of knowledge is vital if you are to focus on the question before you instead of falling into the trap of regurgitating a prepared essay. "When revising, it's fatal for students to try to spot questions or only revise certain areas," he says. "The key is to think through what you have learnt in a holistic way." …

Chris Green, 'The Independent'