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'Opticon1826' issue two published

10 May 2007

The Spring 2007 issue of UCL journal 'Opticon1826' has just been published.

The journal, established in May 2006 with help from the UCL Graduate School is organised by graduate students representing all UCL faculties.

The second issue of the journal continues its policy of publishing high quality, interesting content on a wide array of thought-engaging themes, whether it is research-driven, a review or creative. This issue includes articles on, among others, museum spaces, teenagers' brains, the legal status of socio-economic rights, and Pier Paolo Pasolini's film 'Accattone', as well as reviews and creative work.

'Opticon1826' Editor-in-Chief Miss Gesche Ipsen (UCL Comparative Literature) said: "Though we had no theme for this issue, it seems to me that there is something common to all contributions: a willingness to investigate critically things we take for granted, to delve deeper into the apparently obvious and familiar in order to release something fresh for us all to drink."

The result of the journal's logo competition can also be seen for the first time, which was designed by Nicholas Beech, a first-year PhD student from the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture. Miss Ipsen describes the logo as: "An elegant and intriguing design which perfectly encapsulates what we are about."

The call for papers for the Autumn 2007 issue and an essay competition, with prizes, will be announced shortly.

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