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Michele Angelo Petrone: 1964-2007

17 May 2007

UCL regrets to announce the death of Michele Angelo Petrone, who for a number of years was an Honorary Lecturer in UCL Primary Care & Population Sciences, on 16 May 2007.

Dr Deborah Kirklin (UCL Primary Care & Population Sciences), Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics & Humanities, said: "Those whom Michele worked with and taught have lost a very dear friend, an exceptional artist and an inspiring teacher. Michele was a key member of the UCL Centre for Medical Humanities and it was our privilege to provide a home for the charity he founded, the MAP Foundation.

"Through his art and his words Michele offered students and colleagues a unique insight into the lived experience of illness. He helped them to understand how important it is for doctors and nurses to bring their humanity, as well as their knowledge and skills, to all of their interactions with patients. He gave them the courage to believe in themselves and renewed their sense of purpose and vocation. To be taught by Michele or to encounter his work was to be, quite simply, changed."

A memorial event will be arranged.

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Image: Michele Petrone (photo: Lucinda Beattie)