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Global citizenship grants available

10 May 2007

UCL's Executive Sub-Committee on Innovations in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (ESCILTA) is inviting grant applications for departmental projects that explore how global citizenship themes and principles can be integrated and extended at UCL.

Programmes across UCL are already highly international, concerned with 'real-world' problems and concepts and designed to encourage students to reflect on ideas around personal and social responsibility, the nature of leadership and the ways in which change impacts upon the world.

However, UCL is aiming to take this approach further still - to explore ways in which explicit work on 'global citizenship' and related ideas can further enhance teaching, course content and students' learning.

The grants are intended for a number of departments to run pilot projects, exploring models that work towards developing a model for work on global citizenship that might be adopted more widely at UCL.

The deadline for submission is 1 June 2007. Each grant is worth a maximum of £5,000, with the intention that the pilot should run during the 2007-08 academic year.

To find out more, use the links at the bottom of this article, or contact Miss Clare Goudy