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Bartlett is best - again

24 May 2007

Readers of the 'Architects' Journal' have once again judged the UCL Bartlett to be the top UK school of architecture.

In the annual AJ100 poll of the UK's 100 largest architectural practices, the school was voted top for the fourth year running.

Professor Iain Borden, Head of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, said: "The Bartlett continues in first place - a spot it has occupied ever since the AJ100 began covering architectural education four years ago. In addition, the Bartlett's percentage of the total vote has gone up from 25 per cent last year to 39 per cent this year.

"Interestingly, we also have by far the largest ratio of applicants per place for the undergraduate course, which at 13.3 is greater than at almost any other school - we are approached here only by Cambridge (12.2), which has a much smaller number of places on offer."

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