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UCL Business launches new website

1 March 2007

UCL Business PLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of UCL set up to commercialise and promote UCL's research, has launched a new website, www.

business uclb.com. The website features general information about the company and details of its subsidiary and
spin-out companies, as well as news and events, a media centre and some of its success stories. 

UCL Business merged with UCL Biomedica in August 2006 to form UCL Business PLC and the new website marks this transition. Discussing the new website, Director of Marketing, Alan Grundy said: "Websites are live things, they are evolving all the time. Our new website is a comprehensive introduction to UCL Business PLC. We are currently working on implementing further modules to make the site an interactive tool that we hope will prove beneficial to both our academics, our associated companies and the business community."

The website will deliver a technology/invention index plus information and campaigns to raise awareness of UCL research themes to business and the community.

UCL Business PLC promotes the innovation and expertise that exists within UCL for the benefit of UCL, industry and the wider community and exists to connect research academics and their breakthroughs with commercial needs. It is primarily responsible for transacting business activity including options, licences and collaborative commercial research - as well as supporting new spin-out ventures. To view the new website, use the link at the top of this article.