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Professor Mary Douglas celebrates DBE at UCL Anthropology

6 March 2007

UCL Anthropology last night threw a party for Professor Mary Douglas, who was awarded a DBE in this year's New Year honours.

Dame Mary Douglas and friends

Distinguished past and present members of the department came to the common room at the new departmental building on Taviton Street to share her success. Professor Paul Richards made a speech in which he referred to Dame Mary's first forays into fieldwork, working with tribespeople in what was then the Belgian Congo. Taking anthropology as a whole, he likened its practitioners to composers, and, within that schema, labelled Dame Mary as the 'Mozart of anthropology'. UCL President and Provost Professor Malcolm Grant also spoke at the event, commenting that for many people within the institution and the discipline, this recognition was long overdue after so many years of sustained achievement.

Professor Douglas, while thanking her guests, also noted her gratitude to UCL, speaking with pride about her involvement with an institution where all members are treated fairly and have a voice.

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Image: Professor Mary Douglas, DBE, speaks at the party in her honour.