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Press cutting: Who got that cash?

9 March 2007

A "happy accident" led a consortium of six institutions to win £3.

5 million from the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council to help Britain prepare for the London Olympics.

Dr Stephen Hailes [UCL Computer Science] met Jonathan Cameron from Cambridge University at a PhD viva, and they soon realised that their research interests in sport and technology married perfectly.

From this grew the Sensing for Sport and Managed Exercise consortium. …

It uses wireless sensor technology to monitor the performance of athletes, and to give them feedback, as they train.

The project could also help patients recover from surgery, stroke or injury as well as support people with disabilities.

"Interdisciplinary projects are less difficult in reality than people imagine," Dr Hailes said. "Someone needs to pick up the phone but people are generally responsive and everybody brings something to the table." …

Anthea Lipsett. 'Times Higher Education Supplement'