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Incantation Bowls and UCL

23 March 2007

Responding to the story in The Times of 22 March 2007, "Tycoon orders university to return his 'magic' artefacts," Professor Michael Worton, UCL Vice Provost (Academic and International) said: "UCL was surprised and disappointed to learn of the newsletter of 9th March 2007 recently posted on the Schøyen Collection website concerning the incantation bowls currently in UCL's possession.

Following discussions with Mr Schøyen's lawyers UCL are pleased to confirm that he has now removed certain passages from that newsletter.

"UCL is currently pursuing meticulous and balanced enquiries as to the origin and proper destination of the bowls and will not be deflected from these enquiries. UCL's objective is to resolve all relevant issues in a manner consistent with both law and ethics. In pursuit of that objective, it has notified relevant authorities of the facts available to UCL and offered its full co-operation. UCL will not allow that process to be disrupted or dictated by unfounded allegations. It will deliver a principled and proportionate response to this matter at the appropriate time."