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Conference: Tilsit and the Baltic in 1807

30 March 2007

Dr Richard Butterwick (UCL History and SSEES) and Dr Thomas Munch-Petersen (UCL Scandinavian Studies) are organising an international conference at UCL on 14-15 June to mark the bicentenary of the peace negotiated at Tilsit in 1807 by Napoleon and Tsar Alexander I.

This negotiation radically changed the map of Europe and initiated a new order in European politics, and in Scandinavia it had direct and durable effects. Academics from Europe, Canada and the UK will present a series of papers devoted to the short- and medium-term impact of Tilsit on Scandinavia and Poland.

The conference will be held in the new SSEES building on Taviton Street. For more information, click here or contact Karin Charles.