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UCL in the News: Government fits air monitors to measure 'toxic fumes' in commercial aircraft

16 June 2007

The government is to fit air monitoring equipment on board aircraft amid increasing concerns that passengers, pilots and cabin crew are being exposed to highly toxic contaminants through the cabin air supply.

At the same time, 1,500 pilots will take part in the first major health study designed to establish how extensive the problem may be. …

A further study by Dr Sarah Mackenzie-Ross [UCL Psychology] will assess 1,500 pilots.

Last year, Dr Mackenzie-Ross found that 34 pilots had suffered from a range of symptoms resembling chronic fatigue. By examining the Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) database for 2004, she estimated that up to 196,000 passengers may also have been exposed to fumes on board aircraft in that year. …

Mark Rowe, 'Daily Telegraph'