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UCL in the News: Best from the Bartlett

13 July 2007

The Bartlett returns to its best this year, with students straining every sinew to realise their extravagant poetic thoughts, and "making" is at the fore.

For the last 15 years the Bartlett has consistently pumped out high-quality drawings and models. It started in the conspicuously consumptive days of Thatcher, with the Chippendales - the male strippers, not the chairs - performing in front of the drawings.

Then there was an element of the unknown, a questioning of what was coming next. The Cook and Hawley era established its position, but is it now in a baroque swansong - or finding a new "golden" Brown era?

For excessive exuberance the 13 diploma units cannot be faulted - all the presentations were exceptional. The Slade galleries are packed with goodies, from dark brooding films to ecstatic fabrications. The use of laser cutter and rapid prototyping is at an all-time high, and used imaginatively. …

The phenomenal fecundity of the first year's models and drawings feeds into the degree work. …


Ed Frith, 'Building Design'