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MRC grant to investigate superbug

10 July 2007

A team co-led by Dr Peter Mullany and Adam Roberts (UCL Eastman Dental Institute) has received a £1.

Dr Peter Mullany 6m grant from the Medical Research Council to study the hospital superbug C.difficile.

For the next five years, a new full-time researcher will work alongside Dr Mullany to investigate the toxins and other factors that cause the disease.

"C. difficile has been a problem for many years, but very little is known at the molecular level about how it causes disease," said Dr Mullany. "The long-term aim of this research is to understand the detailed mechanisms underlying how this organism creates disease."

Hospital patients are more likely to contract a C. difficile infection than the better-known bug MRSA: in the UK, there is a one in 50 chance of developing C. difficile while in hospital, compared with a one in 77 chance of picking up MRSA. C. difficile kills three times as many people each year than MRSA.

5,000 people die from a healthcare-associated infection every year in the UK, and one in 12 people contract an infection during a stay in hospital.

The research will be carried out in conjunction with the Centre for Healthcare Associated Infections, based at the University of Nottingham.

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Image: Dr Peter Mullany will study the factors that cause the deadly hospital superbug C.difficile