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Postgraduate security and crime science society

19 January 2007

Postgraduate students from disciplines ranging from urban design to electronic engineering are invited to join the UCL Centre for Security & Crime Science (CSCS) student club.

Any postgraduate student whose work is related to security and crime is encouraged to sign up to the club, which will provide opportunities for networking and project work with other researchers from across academia and industry.
Daniel O'Hagan (UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering), one of the club's organisers, said: "The club draws together committed postgraduate students, from a wide faculty base, who have an interest in security-related issues. They will need to be willing to devote a little time on a regular basis to discuss and work together towards a set security project - but it won't interfere with their own research. One such activity might be the Global Security Challenge (GSC), which is an annual competition to discover the most promising security start-up in the world."

The club is open to all UCL postgraduates. UCL CSCS student club members will enjoy the benefits of access to the CSCS web space, a resource that is often viewed by potential employers. Membership will also provide networking opportunities, as the club brings postgraduates into contact with security experts and professionals at invited speaker talks. Above all, members get the opportunity to participate with other researchers from academia and industry, and the space to apply and develop their knowledge and approach the subject of security from a scientific angle.

To find out more about the UCL Centre for Security & Crime Science, use the link at the bottom of this article.