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UCL in the News: The dating detox

2 December 2007

A new therapy claims to turn love losers into dynamic daters - but does it really work? … What makes The Dating Detox unique is the use of techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy (where you learn exercises and techniques to help change negative patterns of thinking and behaviour) specifically for dating problems.

Dr Petra Boynton [UCL Primary Care & Population Science] takes a very different view.

"The problem with this approach is that it takes normal difficulties, which many people encounter, and transforms them into a medical problem - a dating 'toxin' that needs to be cured.

"Clearly, if people are distressed about their dating situation, they are right to seek help.

"For example, you could get help from books, assertiveness or confidence courses, or through counselling for which your GP could refer you.

"All of these are free or low-cost. Something like Dating Detox could cost you between £1,000 and £2,000 and I wonder about the ethics of making everyday problems seem like medical issues in order to charge large amounts for a therapy." …

Eva Gizowska, 'Mail on Sunday'